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Instant Spinach Dosa Mix - Pack of 2

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Stock up on our Instant Spinach Dosa Mix with this value set. Make nutritious, crispy dosas in minutes with our Instant Spinach Dosa Mix. Made with Spinach, Rice, Urad Dal, Bengal Gram & Fenugreek seeds, this protein-rich Dosa Mix is gluten-free, high in fibre and requires no soaking/fermentation. Just add water + curd and your healthy, delicious breakfast is ready! Make uttapams, paniyarams/appes and much more with this versatile Dosa Mix.

Why it’s better? 

  • High-fibre
  • Protein-rich
  • Easy to digest
  • 100% vegan & gluten-free
  • Zero Maida, Trans Fat & Cholesterol
  • No soaking or fermentation required

How to make: 

  • Add 375 ml of water to the mix with 1 tbsp of curd.
  • Mix it slowly into a smooth batter and set it aside for 10 minutes.
  • On medium heat, pour batter on a lightly greased nonstick pan.
  • Spread batter in an outward circular motion to get the desired thickness.
  • Wipe the hot pan with a wet cloth before repeating the above steps to prepare the next dosa.


  • Spinach: Lowers oxidative stress
  • Rice: High in Manganese & Vitamin B 
  • Urad Dal: Rich source of protein & Vitamin B3
  • Bengal Gram: Rich in fibre, potassium and Vitamin C
  • Fenugreek seeds: Boosts metabolism 


Complete list: Rice, Urad Dal, Bengal Gram, Dehydrated Spinach powder, Fenugreek Seeds, Sodium Bicarbonate E500(ii), Citric Acid (E330), Salt.

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