We crafted a balanced blend that is wholesome, nutritious, and smacks of flavour. The foundation is made up of white chickpeas, lentils, rice and sorghum, to which we add ingredients such as spinach, beetroot and more as we continue to build our mindful offerings. 

What makes it better? 

Stoneground: Stoneground flours are a rich source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. As a bonus they also retain the taste of the grains.

Gluten-free: Gluten-free grains prevent fatigue and control spikes in sugar. 

Farm-to-Mill: The finest grains sourced directly from our partner farms ensure the most nutritious meals and snacks.

Good for your gut: Rich in dietary fibre and low in carb content, our blend is easy to digest and keeps you light on your feet. 

All-natural: Our flour is free from preservatives and added ingredients.