Challenging the foundation of food 

The Better Flour was conceived on the table, when we decided to challenge the very foundation of a meal, flour. Our journey began by questioning why flour, a kitchen essential, was never regarded as a food with flavour. To build a food company that truly lived up to the better in its name, we set out to change this perception of flour, as a common staple and nothing more. 

The first step to Better 

We made the bold and progressive choice of white chickpeas as our base ingredient, as the first step towards crafting a better flour. Chickpea is a peerless source of protein and at the same time packs in plenty of flavour. We went a step further and crafted a proprietary flour blend that scores high on nutrition and flavour. 

Better health. Better taste.

All the food that emerges from The Better Flour kitchen maintains a necessary balance of health and taste. Our proprietary flour blends are plant-based, rich in fibre and protein and also gluten-free. The blends also contain ingredients with their own inherent flavour that will bring you back to The Better Flour, for a better every day.